Friday, October 16, 2009


So my friend Susan was bragging about how organized her crafting room was. Well, I can show her pictures that would make her skin I took some just for a good laugh!! On the top right is my stamp organization!! Hahaha - this is where I put my unmounted stamps....just in some photo boxes. Ooops, look that one on top just might fall off!! hehehe. Then there is my carry-all bag. I have all my scissors, rulers, hobby blades, brushes, sponges, dimensionals, adhesies, and everything else you might need all jammed in here. It sits on the top right side of my desk in easy reaching distance!! :-)
This next photo shows some of my inks...some Hero Arts, Papertrey Ink, all my blacks, versamark, cubes from Stampin' Up, Ranger distress inks (see them under the Hero Arts Color Box inks) and any other "odd" stamp pads go in this drawer. And here is the jar I put my bits and pieces of ribbon in -- Hahahaha, like I'd ever be able to find anything in there!!
Now, of course I only took photos of the most unorganized areas of my stamping room just to get Susan's skin crawling (her OCD is probably kicking in right now and she is purchasing her plane ticket to come here and help me organize my space - LOL). But truth be told, there are quite a few "organized" areas in my room too -- but they weren't nearly as much fun to show you !! Hahahaha!!
Remember - not only do you not need all the latest products to make great cards, I am convinced that you also don't really need to be all that organized!! Like Susan said "Stuff isn't nearly as important as imagination and determination" and I'd like to add that being organized isn't all that important either!!
Enjoy my mess!! It makes me very, very happy!!
Thanks for dropping in and I hope you had a great chuckle (Sue, I can here you laughing from here!! )


Juanita said...

this is too hilarious. I read your comment on Susan's blog about posting your space, but did not think you would really bother. I am amazed; you always seem to know where everything is and how to work with it, I would never have imagined you as a messy stamper.
Thanks for sharing. I don't know if I will pick up any tips from your post, but it was good to see :)

Susan Raihala said...

I was NOT bragging, Donelda, and shame on you for thinking it! I was merely sharing my strategies for not having to remember everything I have. You see, when it's all tidy and organized, you don't have to remember what you just open the red/pink embellies drawer and OH MY GOSH! I HAVE PINK PRIMAS! YEAH! You, on the other hand, have to remember what all is in your mess so you can use it. You're just a better rememberer than I am.

And hmmph. I'm not OCD at all.

Denial is just a river in Egypt, you know.

What a glorious mess you have! While the thought of flying to Canada to soothe my crawling skin did not occur to me, I do want to rummage through your stamps...simple curiosity about your stash, I promise!

And those can't be ALL your inks. Where are the rest hiding? DO YOU KNOW?!?! *wink*

The ribbon scrap jar is really genius. I use a tin with a clear lid, but have to pull the lid off to root around. You can stick your hand in the jar and stir it around and see exactly what you have at a glance. When my stash of green ribbon gets a little lower, I'll combine both green jars into one and use the extra for scraps. Much better!

Thanks for sharing your mess, Donelda!

Donna said...

Too funny! Believe me, I'm not going to be throwing any stones. Those pics could have been taken here!

Jessica G. said...

If you can find what you are looking for before you start thinking of words you wouldn't want your kids to say, then you are organized in my definition!

That being said, I wouldn't mind if Martha Stewart would decide to makeover my craft area!!

Chris (catt871) said...

THAT is hardly unorganized!! I should show you pics of MY craft room! OMG!!!!