Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loonie Stamper's Challenge #64 - Copics

So I missed last week's Loonie Stampers Challenge, but I saw that Regan picked Copics so I wanted to jump in on this one! However, I have so very few Copics...only 20 plus the colorless blender. And, very few are shades of each other which is required to do all the great blending that the pros do!! That's because I bought a set ... If you are considering getting into Copics I would NOT recommend that you start with a set!! The problem is the smaller sets come with various colors but the brilliance of Copics is the blendability...but that is only possible if you have colors that are close in hue. Regardless, I do the best I can with what I have.
I decided to pull out Simple Little Things (anniversary set from Papertrey Ink, not available for purchase) and create a border with one of the circle stamps. I love this particular image and since I do have a few greens, figured I could do a little blending with those!! I started out by coloring the leaves Lemon Yellow, then adding about 3/4 of the Yellow Green, and finally justa small amoutn of Forest Green at the base. Then I blended with the Yellow Green and again with the Lemon Yellow. (Note- you can click on the picture to see it larger which will help seeing the blending). Finished off the rest of the image by adding Pink and more Yellow Green and Lemon Yellow.
Of course, I don't have any pink or green cardstock that matches these particular marker colors...but no fear, I just took some white cardstock and used my markers to get the right color!! I love doing that!!
I ended up with a long strip of the border and only used some of it so I cut out a few of the remaining circle images and crated a 3x3 card and a Scrapling card too. The sentiments are from Simple Little Things and Mixed Messages (both Papertrey Ink). I also used the dotted square border from Borders & Corners {square} also from Papertrey Ink.
Off to see what the Loonie Girls did with their Copics:
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Charlene Austin said...

Good Lord girl! You did that amazing shading with 4 different colours?!! OH ARE a pro!

Deanna said...

Holy smokes! You made a masterpiece with only 4 markers? Like amazing! Thanks so much gf!

Susan Raihala said...

WOW!!! The pink and greens look so perfect with that stamp!!!! That's my favorite stamp from that set, too. Great layout and coloring, Donelda!

Steph said...

Beautiful card! I bought Copics in the PTI colour trios and am finding the same thing with the blending. The colours aren't close enough to blend seemlessly.

Juanita said...

Beautiful cards.

Julie-Ann Wells (Jewels) said...

Love it!! I agree the little sets are easier. I bought a whole set and have difficulties have 2 close enough to shade with!

Wendy said...

Look how behind I am in blogging! This was weeks ago! LOL Well done and thanks for hanging with us!