Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11 - Design Basics Lesson #10

Hello and welcome to another one of my lessons on design basics. I have been using a book called Design Basics Index by Jim Krause to teach myself about this topic. If you are interested in seeing the previous lessons, feel free to check out the list on the right column of my blog!
Lesson #10 - Visual Heirarchy - Color
Today we are continuing the lesson on visual heirarchy. On the last lesson, we considered how size makes one element become the "top" item in the design with all the other elements having a supporting role. Today, we are looking at how COLOR can make one element be the initial item our eye is drawn to ... or the top element in the visual heirarchy. Here, this lovely pink butterfly stands out upon the mainly black card. This card was extremely difficulty to photograph so in real life, the butterfly is so much "pinker" (it is actaully Pixie Pink from Stampin' Up! so if you know that color you can see how it is washed out in the photo). So, this whole lesson may not work / make sense if you are just looking at the picture here. I wish I could bring the real card into each of your homes so you can see how the pink automatically draws your eye to it!! Perhaps instead, you should make a similar card....just so you can see :-).
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Seleise said...

that's really interesting, Donelda! And, I love your card. My eye went straight for the butterfly. stunning simplicity. :)

marciad said...

I went straight to the butterfly. Nice card. Using color to draw the eye may be easier than the size lesson.

Littlekel90 said...

I still think it works, definitely the butterfly stood out more to me as well even if your pink is washed out. I LOVE it. Great card, nice color choices.

Lea L. said...

Cute card!

Have a great night,
~Lea L.

Katie said...

I like your design basic lessons. Sometimes, I don't know why something does or doesn't work and its nice to have a little theory behind it. Thanks for sharing you info.

AND, that card is very pretty because of its simplicity!

Deb said...

It does work, the butterfly still looks very vibrant to me and certainly draws the eye!

Suzanne said...

This is very pretty. Love how the pink butterfly pops off of the black.

Deanna said...

Very kewl little article!

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