Saturday, August 28, 2010

Answering Questions

Hey everyone.  I received a number of questions after yesterday's post so I thought I'd answer them as best as I could.

First, a few individuals wanted to know about unmounting my wheel stamps.  I had heard of this from various threads on Splitcoaststamping but was very tentitive to do it!  I mean, it feels like you are 'ruining' your stamps, right??!!  But then I look at my box of wheel stamps that sit, neglected, because I find them too hard to use.  So I decided to take the plunge.  I have no idea if this is the way others have done it ... just sharing what I did. 

If you look at your wheel stamps from Stampin' Up! you can see the 'seam' of the rubber where they connected the image.  I took my hobby knife and just slowly and carefully started cutting at that location.  It took a number of runs over the seam but eventually the old glue gave way and the rubber peeled off easily from the wheel base.  I actually wrote the name of the stamp on the bottom with a Sharpie Permanent pen so I wouldn't forget.  Someone asked about foam mounting or tacky glue...I don't use either for my unmounted stamps.  I use either double sided tape (3M) or removable adhesive (Tombo Mono) on the bottom of the rubber and just stick them to my acrylic block!  I find that, overall, that works perfectly!  Sometimes I do need to put my computer mouse pad (soft and foamy one) underneath the paper I am stamping onto which makes the ink meet up with the paper better.  I don't need to do that often but I did when I used my new border stamps (the one that used to be a wheel!).

The other questions I got were about my photo box.  I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who bought me one a few years ago for Christmas! You can see it HERE.   I have however, read that you can create one but it looked like a lot of work if you ask me!  But then I'm pretty lazy!! Hehehe!  I had been using the 2 lamps that came with my photo box but they were not bright enough.  Today I bought 2 desk lamps, just $9 basics from Walmart that I think will give me much better lighting! 

About the photo box, it can be a pain sometimes ... because my cat loves to sleep in it!!  Sheesh!!

Have a good evening.  I'm off to be creative :-)

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