Sunday, February 13, 2011


Edited: This post was supposed to go up on Saturday to give you all something to look at while I was away for a short family holiday this weekend.  Seems that when I schedule a post in blogger it sometimes changes it to a draft!  Sheesh!  So, here is the post for you to enjoy now

Hey everyone. 

I am away from my craft desk for a few days so I thought I'd leave you with these photos.  You know how I am always talking about using some of my many scraps.  Well, I thought it would be humorous to share with you just how many I have. 

Here are 3 of my "bins".  At one time they were all in that one large clear bin but I couldn't find anything so I decided to seperate them.  The large bin continues to hold big sized pieces, usually backgrounds that I have started or made that I have not used.  You can see the brown scrap background - so fun to make and use and also some backgrounds that were made using Distress inks (blue/green and red). 

In the shoebox (top right) you will see a whole bunch of images I have stamped and some are even colored with ink or Copics.  Se ethe house mouse, one of the images from Autumn Abundance colored and waiting to be used, and you can see how high the pile is ... there are so many images in here!!

And then see that hexigon-shaped box .. that is where I keep my die cuts.  There are a bunch of ovals, scallops, Die 1 and 2 (all from Nestabilities) in there in various sizes and colors but especailly the larger sizes. 

Now this seperate box of stuff is actually my favorite bin to look through. It is filled mostly with smaller sized items.  Some are just punched circles or some of the smaller die shapes (see that cork on the right edge cut with the Labels 2 die).  But others are things or embellishments I have created!!  See the denim star!!  and look in the right top corner, there is a speech bubble made out of felt that says "happy birthday friend".  There is a little mini pink envelop on the top left corner and beside that is a strip of scarlet jewel felt that has been sewn so it looks kinda like ribbon.  If you were to be able to get your hands down in there you would find embossed coke can material, leather that has been die cut in the shape of leaves (you can just see a bit of an oak leaf in the bottom right corner), rosettes made from torn paper, sentiments that are stamped on small tags with a ribbon attached, and many, many other goodies.   Sometimes I just like to dump this box onto my craft desk and "see" what looks good together as the pieces all fall beside each other.  It is a great way to "think outside the box" (pardon the pun!) and put items and colors together that I would never think of otherwise! 

Well, I hope you found some interest in my little "tour".  What do you do with the bits and pieces that you start and don't end up using????????

Have a great weekend.



Imke said...

I thought i have a lot of scraps- but you are the Scrap-Queen***smile*** I´m sure it´s a lot of fun to look through these boxes....

Juanita said...

I seem to recall that you had shared some photos of your scrap bins a while back, it seems like there has been some progress in using up the stuff in the bins. Great job!

Linda Palmer said...

I need to learn how to use up scraps because I have very large containers full of scraps. I share some with grandchildren and friends but still have lots more. I think my scrap piles grow!!lol!!

Lindsey said...

Argghh, Blogger did that to me just this morning! Thanks for sharing that you have even more scraps than me! :P