Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Toys!!

Hey Everyone! 
I was a very bad girl this past weekend LOL!!  You see, I have been trying to not spend money on supplies since I have so many that I could craft for a century and not run out!  However, I went to my local scrapbook store yesterday ... specifically to pick up a new t!m holtz ruler (do not try to clean sticky glue off the back of this ruler .... the grid will come off ... don't ask how I know!).  And guess what ... they were out of rulers.  So, I just decided to browse a little .. and there were so many beautiful papers on sale ... and they just jumped into my basket (don't ask why I was holding a basket) .. and then some sale stamps jumped in to join them ... and a few other items jumped in too and they weren't even on sale ... sheesh!  I came home with a whole bunch of goodies! 

I decided to share it all with you!   I have no idea how to edit or upload a video so I just decided to go with photos .... here you go if you are intested:

Starting out with some adorable Studio g samps.  They aren't the best quality but these 4 sets with small images really caught my eye.  They are adorable.  Remember you should be able to click on an image to see it larger -- then you can see how cute these images are!

A few images from Stampendous.  Before Christmas I had purchased another scene one from them because I adored the card Kim Crawford made.  I think this scene is different from the other one! LOL!

And as many of you know, I have a very limited supply of Copics!  So few that for some of my colors I can't really blend.  so, I decided to pick up a few light colors to go with my purple, pink, yellow, orange, and burnt sienna colors.  This was probably one of the reasons my bill was SO MUCH ... they babies are so expensive!!
 Here is a cute image from The Stamp Barn, a new to me company.  I adore tulips and have big plans for this adorable image!!

 And I can't pass up 50% off Hero Arts Stamps ... that's half price people!!  Can you believe it??!!  See that tulip in it!!  And I had almost bought those lieelt animals before when they were full price .. so glad I didn't!!  Did I mention how much I love giraffes too ... see that adorable guy in there (that makes 3 giraffe stamps now ... probably enough ... right??!!)
I have plans to make something special for ds's awesome teacher with this stamp!! Been trying to find just the right image.

 I actually picked these up at Toys R Us .. they are adorable gourmet lollipops. Inside each is  apretty image, like a flower or a bunch of grapes.  When I saw them I had a brilliant idea ... stay tuned to see what I do with them in the future!!

 And I couldn't make myself go by the Spellbinders wall without throwing these into my bin (or should I say they jumped in!!).  I have always wished I had a longer skinnier die for longer sentiments and these will be perfect.  Not sure about you but I personally like the original dies they made ... the newer ones are just too ornate for me!!

And don't forget, I had been there in the first place to buy a t!m holtz ruler ... so when I was standing in front of that section, these products just jumped from the shelves!!  I've been dying to try the crackle paints (got white and rock candy) and I am sadly short of purple inks in my supplies so this dusty concord was a must ...right??!!
And one more stamp set came home with me...this adorable October Afternoon set called Kite Tales. I really liked the little boy and the puppy dog (I have only 1 dog image in my stash).  and besides this guy was 75% off ... what's a girl to do??!!

And now.... on to the beautiful, lushious papers .....
 I think BasicGrey was brilliant to bring out a line of Basics!  And when I saw them in 6x6 pads I jumped up and down with a little bit of a scream.  I have been asking my LSS to bring in small pads (6x6 or 8x8) for a while now ... nice to see they listened.  So, how does one decide to get the Kraft, Manilla, or White ... one can't so she buys all three!!  LOL!!
 And then there is teh Origins collection ... at 50% off the regular price .. just couldn't pass it up!  Again, lots of greens and browns and yellows ... perfect for masculine flavoured cards. 
 and they had the Curio Paper Pad which is very interesting.  There is a black frame around each sheet ... interesting.  I'm not sure if I like that or not ... I didn't notice it when I was at the store (you can imagine the flurry of action as these items were jumping into my basket as I tried to restrain them onto the shelves ... no wonder I didn't notice ...)
And I just had to get this Olivia pad of paper ... I had the Oliver pad in there for a moment but in a second of strength put it back and decided to stick with the one which I liked the most patterns. 

 This is a newly released product (released during CHA).  I don't often buy My Minds Eye paper but I saw it on Kristina Werner's blog and thoguht it would be fun to have.  Besides there is doily papers in each pack and they are so the rage right now!
And I am loving this Cosmo Cricket paper pack .. the colors are awesome, red, yellow, blue, and chocolate paired with a vanilla color!  They are all very vintage looking ... mmmmm, not my typical style.  Should make for some interesting projects!

And now on to a new growing passion ... October Afternoon ....

 These must not sell well at my local LSS as I keep seeing them on sale so I keep picking them up ... and I am in love with the awesome images on the pages.  This first pad is Campfire:
 like these adorable trees....
 and there are always some basic patterns like this red with white polka dots....
 and these great bold bright stripes ....
and check this page out ... it totally reminded me of the Hundred Acres Wood from Winnie the Pooh.  I have lots of projects in mind for these papers!

And I also found the pad called Seaside ... perfect for this water loving family!!!
 These bright, wide stripes are awesome ....
 and some barn wall pattern ... and it is in red too....
 and these great red and white stripes are to die for ...
Well, I hope I have not bored you to tears!   Now I'm off to do some creating with it all .... what fun!!
Have a great week!


Imke said...

Donelda, this was a MEGA shopping trip, hmm ?? Congrats to all these new goodies. I like the My Mind´s Eye paper- look fabulous !!

Linda Palmer said...

Congrats on some wonderful buys. I love the 6x6 pads you got and have a hard time finding the My Minds eye and Oct. afternoon pads you bought. Love all the stamps, and can't wait to see what you make with them. I have the basic grey pads and love all of them.

Patrice said...

Wow! I'm jealous of the Copics...LOL!

Donna said...

Wow! You're quite the savvy shopper. I'm in awe!

Tejal said...

Oh my god!! You got hero arts at 50% off..awesome! love this mega shopping trip..isn't it a wonder how things just find their way into your basket? I just ordered my first hero arts the long wait begins to have it here..aargh!!