Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The BEST Birthday card ever!!

Yup, today is my birthday!  And I just had to share this card - which will be my very favourite birthday card!!  My intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and wonderful son created this for me!  Can you believe how stinkin' cute this is!!

Check out that cute little inch worm.  I adore him.  And all the details.  I love how he added the blue blocks behind the clouds and the tuft of grass at the base of the flower.  And he popped everything up on foam dimensionals. 

He did such a great job!!  I love him so much!!

Thanks for dropping in for a visit in my corner of the www.  Have a great day.  I'm sure I will!


Imke said...

Happy birthday my friend !! This card is super cute. The scene looks so real !! Your son is very talented. Have a great day !!

Tracie said...

Creativity must run in the family. Such a cute card.

Linda Palmer said...

Wow!! He did a great job on this card, so creative and inventive. I love this card and the idea that he made it for his Mother melts my heart. He is a darling son and very creative. Tell him it is the best card I've seen today on any blog.

marilynprestonn said...

Happy Birthday Donelda. What a sweet, sweet card just for you! Love the bright colors too. What a way to say Happy far as talent goes...the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree I see. Tell your son he's gooooooooood! :)Peggy

Barb said...

this is amazing! the blue blocks are the perfect backer. it's so cas and it!