Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrap Card #1 with Dee

Deanna Woodland decided that she would like to play the Scrap Card game :-) So she sent me some scraps in exchange for some that I sent to her.
I forgot to take a picture of the great scraps she sent to me but they were beautiful...hello...these are NOT scraps Deanna ... LOL but I'll take em!!!
The scraps consisted of 2 types of double-sided paper, a strip of ribbon, and that fancy amphersand -- I believe the rules say 3 scraps...this totals 4....man, these gals like to make me work :-)
At first I couldn't figure out what that funky blue thing was...but then I kept looking at it and realized that it was an amphersand. I spent some time looking to see what font it was...turns out it is / or is pretty close to Copper Penny. So I decided to print out the U and the I to use as the sentiment. The card is pretty straight forward. I simply used different sized strips of the paper and added the ribbon on top. Then I used some of the paper to cut the letters out. I added a little doodling to finish off the card. Gave it to hubby just to remind him how much I loved him.....awwww!!
That was a lot of fun!! You can see what Deanna did with my scraps HERE!!
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Deanna said...

Wow awesome... sorry for the 4 scraps but I so knew you were up to the challenge! Your card rocks and this game is fun! Can't wait to play again! PS. my card is up!

Regan said...

Cool- love what you did with the scraps!!

Littlekel90 said...

Terrific card, great scraps from Dee! I love the colors, and the U & I are perfect for you and DH. Now I just have to go see what Dee made. :) Kel

Juanita said...

You did great work. It sounds like you had to put in a little work with the ampersand!