Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word Verification Off - Moderating On

Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I've turned off the horrible word verification!  Not sure why it is so different ... and difficult these days.  Anyway, I've turned on the moderating feature instead.  Not sure how that will work but giving it a try!!  Hopefully you will have an easier time making comments!



Banu said...

Hi Donelda, The new word verification is indeed a pain. My own personal way of doing things is get an email when somebody posts a comment (this is without any moderation, blogger just emails me the comment). If I find any spam or unwanted comment, I just go in and delete it in the blogger. Otherwise, I just delete my email or reply back if need be and then move on. This is what I have been doing for ages now and has worked great. That way I do not have to approve each comment, but still know what is happening. But please do let me know how moderation works out for you. I am interested to know.

Linda Palmer said...

Thanks Donelda. I had a horrible time on lots of blogs of the ladies on our groups. Took me forever so I appreciate it so much. Half of the blogs I visit use moneration. and half are like me and use nothing. I've never had a problem but if I ever do I will use moderation.