Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home-made Rubber Stamps #3 - More Chevron

Welcome back.  Showcasing 2 more of the Chrevron stamps I created.

 First up is my "Solid Chevron"

The Aqua Mist (PTI) and white chevron stripe at the bottom was made with my very own stamp!!  The main image is a new to me image from Purple Onion Designs - love it!  The inside says "have a happy birthday".

The next Chevron stamp is the one I call my "Arrow Chevron"

And check out what happens if you stamp it around in a circle ... it makes a little flower!  and see the green striped leaves in the tip right corner of the flower ... another chevron stamp that I call "Leaf Chevron".  Hard to see but I'll be using it on another card soon!

The background of this card was created using the Arrow Chevron as well ... makes an awesome background!

Okay, another card tomorrow!


Linda Palmer said...

I think it makes an awesome background too. I love the flower and do not know how you stamp so straight, I can't even with the thing a ma jig! Beautiful cards, especially love the green one. You never cease to amaze me.

Ardyth said...

LOVE that chevron background. I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog -

~Tammy~ said...

This is so cool!

Lindsey said...

Oh, just think of the money you'll save as you'll never need to buy another stamp! :D Well, maybe still a few stamp purchases. I love these cards with the homemade chevrons. And you're getting a head start on Christmas cards, too!

Angela said...

Awesome use of your handcrafted stamps!