Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

Well it is a NEW YEAR ... and what is New Year's without a countdown?  Like many of my fellow bloggers, I have decided to share a top 10 of my favourite cards posted from 2011.  Now, some of these you might argue with ... but they are the 10 that I like best.  If you want to share one that you liked that didn't make it on my top 10 feel free to share!! 

Here goes ...

#10 - Birthday Owl

#9 - Foxy Warm Fuzzies

#8 - Rustic and Ruffled

#7 - Strawberries

#6 - Misted Feathers

#5 - Paris Anniversary

#4 - Pink Stripes

#3 -  Inspired by ...

#2 - Hat Pin Challenge

And finally ... the card I liked the best from the year is .....
#1 - Wishing you the Best

There you have it!  It is always hard to pick ... I could more easily pick my favourite 10 on someone else's blog!  LOL! 

Here is to a wonderful 2012 .. I hope it brings health, wealth, and lots of crafty inspiration!!


Barb said...

beautiful!!!! can't wait to follow your art again this year. all the best to you and yours! xx

Linda Palmer said...

All are wonderful cards. Great choices. Your cards are always great.

Debra G Smith said...

They all are fabulous cards!!!

Angela said...

Great picks!