Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspiration from other Bloggers 2

I continually get inspiration when I link to commenters blogs!! Check out what I have found recently! Jacilynn - Baby Thank You's (plus an adorable baby picture)

Juanita - Vellum Medallion (Juanita is rocking out with this stamp!)

Susan - Tree (Susan has the corner on clean and simple stamping!)

Donna - Inspired Easter Egg (wowzers!)

Darlene - Mice and Strawberries (yummy!)

Stephanie - Vintage Valentine (so elegant)

Jessica - House Mouse distress (Jess is such a HM enabler!! LOL)

Vicki - Butterfly Circle (another wowzers!)

I hope you too got as inspired as I did!! Donelda


Juanita said...

I made your list twice! I am so honored, because if I were to compile a list like this, you would constatly be on it.
Thank you, also, for sharing these other great artists. I appreciate having some fresh ideas to inspire...

Dcorder (deb) said...

Great inspiration. And what a great idea to highlight your inspiration.

Ps. Tim does sell Umbrella Man as a single wood block stamp. Check the Stampers Anonymous website. :)

Donna said...

Hi Donelda...thanks for including me in your list! I come to your blog often for inspiration. That's how I spotted my name in this post, lol!