Sunday, January 13, 2008

What am I going to do with these?????

Oh my! I was sitting here in my craft room this morning waiting for some inspiration to hit me when I looked over and saw this
What ever am I going to do with them all??!! About 8 months ago, I packed up a bunch of cards and sent them all to a friend who was going to run card making classes with a group of disabled adults!! So these are only the build up since then!! Of course there are some I could just never part with... but what about all the rest!!
I've got a ton of inspiration today so I might post a card later....depending on how much Wii my son talks me into playing today. :-) Have a great Sunday and happy stamping.


~KRISTY~ said...


toodypie said...

I need a pile like that!

Donelda said...

Hey toodypie, I'd be happy to send you some, seriously....I have no idea what to do with them all.... sheesh!!

toodypie said...

really? send em on!
p.s. have not forgotten about your very late bday gift.... sorry so late.

Cassandra said...

Did you ever decide what to do with your stack - looks like a whole bunch of cards to me! Visit Dawn at:

She runs a cards for the troops program - I thought that might interest you!

Ladypou said...

I have a great idea for you.. You should try finding an art store that would leave you a small place on there counter.. where you could sell theses card ( 1-2$ ) and give this money away to a good cause like brest cancer.. or other that is close to your heart. We have a place here.. ( thats what we do.. and once a year) we have a crop and the money is given all away to cancer :))))
Well.. anyway i just love your cards .. so if you feel like giving them away for a good cause.. i would take them in ;) hehehe!! Have a nice day! I just love all your good work!