Thursday, January 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

It appears that I've been tagged! My friend Chris says that I need to list 7 wierd, random, or little known facts about me and then tag 7 other bloggers!! Well then, here you go: 1. I am always cold. In fact, my Father In Law claims I am really dead but just too lazy to lay down!! Hehehe 2. I used to square dance and Highland dance when I was a pre-teen! 3. I hate touching paper if I have just washed my hands or if I don't have hand cream on. This is quite difficult when you are a "paper crafter!" 4. I get "cold burps". I always know when I am about to get a cold since I start to burp. My husband thinks this is soooo weird but a friend of mine also gets them! 5. I love reading children's books!! I've been working my way through the Newberry Award list. There are some amazing books on that list!! 6. I have a BMW....well, not a real one. My son's initials are BMW...we figured it might be the only one we get!! 7. I am a "scardy pants". I can't watch scary movies or read scary books!! I get too scared at night :-) Hehehe, blame Chris...she's the one who tagged me :-) Thanks for visiting.


Littlekel90 said...

See you learn something new every day about someone . . . cold burps, huh?! I never heard that before either. LOL

Kristine said...

Oh my!! I'm a scardy cat too! Everything always seems way scarier at night and I get totally paranoid if my hubby's gone over night! :) heehee. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Pedro said...

I so understand your "quirk" about handcream and just washed hands. I can't touch it either. And to touch anything wooden after all that!?!? I can't wash a wooden cutting board. My husband has to. heck, I won't even use a wooden cutting board.