Thursday, January 17, 2008

Darn Snow!!

Laying in bed .... sore back ... husband has put some Japanese Oil on it....darn snow!! We got our first amount of snow today and I was the first one home so I got to shovel!! Enough whining....on to my cards.
Sharon over at No Time to Stamp? asked us to make a Tall and Thin card for her Stamp Simply Challenge #17. That is where the first card of this set came from and then I just kept going. I saw an outfit in a magazine....beige crop pants and a purple tank top... and I loved the color combo so I decided to give it a try. On my tall and thin card, I made a faux metal heart to put in the bottom right corner. It is really easy, just cover a square of cardstock with versamark, cover with embossing powder, repeat until you have a good layer, push stamp into liquid embossing powder until cooled, remove stamp and voila...faux metal heart!! This particular heart is from a Stampin' Up retired set called Sketch an Event -- very versatile!
A few special bits on the other cards. I made the heart on the left card out of silver wire. That was interesting and fun. I have a ton of wire in whole bunch of colors and I'm always trying to find new and fun things to do with it!! On the middle card I used my 2 sided glue strips to put glitter on...been meaning to try that!!
Here are some close-ups of each card.

Well, thanks for visiting!! Enjoy your stamping evening... and if your back is feeling fine...take a moment and appreciate that!!



Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

These cards are all adorable!!! I, too, have Sketch an Event and never put it for sale with some of the other retired sets. I just might need it again -- I sure got alot of use out of that set!!! And, wire, gee, I have lots of wire and NEVER use it -- this is very inspiring!!! Love your trio of cards as well as the tall and thin upload at SCS!!! Wonderful work on all accounts!!! So glad you played -- thanks!!!

Seleise said...

wow - these cards are absolutely darling! I love your faux metal heart! Thanks for the instructions. And, the wire heart and the glitter stripes - all perfect touches. Great job!

Tickle Me Pink said...

Very fun!! I love the metal and wire! Great instructions too!

~KRISTY~ said...


Littlekel90 said...

So sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are better soon.

I like the wire too. I received a butterfly one in a swap once (was that you?). Either way, I thought it was really cool.

The faux metal is fun too. Great job on all of your cards, Donelda. :) Kel

~JULES~ said...

Adorable cards!!!!

Godelieve said...

These hearts are really awesome, both the wire one and the embossed heart.