Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Technique

Voila, a new technique!!
My son, who is 8, was playing around with our little "lazy susan", you know, the circle thing you put in the middle of the diningroom table so everyone can reach by spinning it around. Well, he was taping paper to it, then spinning it, while drawing straight lines with a pencil crayon. Then, he would add eyes, nose, and a mouth to make a "creature". He wanted me to try too and once I gave it a go, I knew I'd have to use it on a card.
So I taped some white cardstock on and used different colors and made smaller clusters of colored "flowers" (as I prefer to think of them). I added some flower centeres using the small polkadot center from Papertrey Ink's Paper Tray set and the larger polkadot center from the Beautiful Blooms set, also Papertrey. I added some of this black polkadot designer paper and the rivet sentiment! The colorful strip didn't quite look finished so I added the black lines with a black marker!
I like it!! I think I'll call it the SPINNING COLORS Technique. My son would really appreciate a comment or two about his creation -- he is really quite proud of himself for helping mom come up with a new technique!! Thanks!


LynnMT0906 said...

What a creative only 8 years old. I love it when kids spend time using their "noodles" reading, crafting, inventing in between other fun things. (I like TV and video games too.) Thank you so much! I will use the idea when my nieces and nephews come to visit.

Morning Glory68 said...

What a clever young man! Great card too! Thanks for your inspiration. :)

Sally said...

wow what a neat idea. Thank you to your son for coming up with it. Well done.


Michelle said...

Kids know so much! Lucky boy you have, you listened to him!

scrappa jack said...

Very creative technique. Looks fab

Chrissie said...

Very clever! Kids come up with just the most creative ideas!
Well done young man!!!