Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happily Ever After

I was checking out the most recent Card Positioning System #39 and really liked the layout! Over the last few days, I worked on this card and got it finished late last night.
When I got it done, I browsed over to the CPS site just to make sure I had kept to the layout when I saw Sherry W's card called Forever Friends (she is one of the CPS design team members). When I saw it I went "oh, oh!". Unconsciously, I ended up copying her card! Obviously, I saw her card, loved it, and then as I started to decide what I wanted to do for my own card, her ideas came through...
Once I saw the CPS layout with the fancy swirly thing at the bottom, I knew I'd use these bits of chipboard I have had from Fancy Pants. I bought them forever ago and have only used one tiny piece from the package. Well, if you've been reading my blog, you would know that my challenge to myself is to start using up bits and pieces of stuff I alreay own. This was what started my card.
Once I had decided on the chipboard, I started to envision the card. I also had seen (apparently from Sherry W- hehehe, but others as well) some great designer papers where there was a big swirly patterened repeated. I didn't have any (and I can't buy any) so I decided to make my own designer paper like it. I used this Cool Carribean color which, sadly, is no longer available from Stampin' Up which is too bad because it is such a nice color. And, pairing it with black is a dream. I used the bigger stamp from my Gel-a-tins Build Your Own Flourish set. I think it turned out awesome!!!
Then, I knew I wanted to use one of the Borders & Corners from Papertrey Ink but I couldn't decide between the rectangle or the oval. I ultimatly decided on the rectangle because I don't have a convenient way to cut an oval shapped mat. I used some little swirls from my Gel-a-tins Build Your Own Flourish set and stamped them onto some white cardstock. In order to make sure they were where I wanted them, I actually laid the rectangle stamp on top of the swirl stamps. Then, I added black ink on the rectangle stamp just in the places where I wanted it (not under the swirls) and stamped.
Next was the sentiment to go inside the rectange. That was a bit frustrating. I really really wish someone would do some sentiments that are more vertical for vertical cards. You know what I mean??!! Have them read down instead of across. This is about the 3rd time I've really wanted something like that and have had nothing in my stash... well, I don't have a very lare stash of sentiments so maybe I just have to be on the lookout for them. I ended up picking this Happily Ever After sentiment which would make this card a wedding card or maybe I can use it as an anniversary card.
I covered the chipboard swirl with black ink, and then added some white around the edges to help it stand out a bit. Once I put the card together, I realized I needed some black behind the main panel and I liked it better off to the left...just seemed to balance the card better. I am learning about balance from a great stamper Kurtis -- you really have to see this guy's blog -- yes, I said guy!! He is a young fellow who is truely talented at this craft !!
Well, I pulled the whole card together and loved the end result. Then, like I had said, I went back to the CPS site and saw Sherry W's card... I clearly had used it for my inspiration, even if I had not realized it at the time. Sherry, your card is absolutely beautiful!! I hope she doesn't mind that I copied it !!
If you have a card where you made your own backgroud paper, please post a link in a comment so I can check it out!! Sue, I was thinking about our discussion the other night -- maybe try leaving a comment and clicking on Anonomous -- just make sure you add your name onto your comment so I know it's you :-) This might work until I figure out the subscription thing. Anyone who knows how to set up the ability for others to "subscribe" to my blog, I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
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Andrea, said...

Beautiful card

Tami said...

Love it!! Thanks for joining us at CPS :)

Anonymous said...

love your card:)

Sherry Wright said...

Your card is gorgeous, I'm happy you found some inspiration from my card! :0)