Friday, July 8, 2011

Teacher Gift 2011

My son really enjoyed grade 6 this year and a large part of that is because he had an awesome teacher!  So I wanted to share our appreciation by getting her a little gift.  I saw an example of a card like this on Jennifer McGuire's blog and decided it would be perfect. 

The pencil is altered since it actually has a "Sign Here" and dotted line inside it.  I deleted that when stamping and added lines to create that classic wooden pencil effect instead.

The sentiment is created on the computer and I even dry embossed some lines around the edge of each card to finish them off. 

I hope she liked the present because my son got her again for Grade 7!  He is really excited about that and so are we!

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Have a great day!


Linda Palmer said...

Wonderful job on these set of cards. I am sure she will love them. Great job and love the dry embossing around the rim of the cards.

Lindsey said...

This is an awesome set of cards! I'm sure your son's teacher will love them.

Imke said...

Donelda, this is a great little gift idea and the cards are awesome.