Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to pop in to share something.  First of all, if you are a blogger then you know and understand how nice it is to receive comments on the creations you post.  I certainly feel that way!  When I first started this blogging thing, I used to race from blog to blog checking out the awesome creations by the owner but then move on without a thought of commenting.  But then I got the nicest comment on my own blog sharing some kind words about my work and I realized that I needed to be more generous with my thoughts about other crafter's work.  So I started to be selective about blogs and make an effort to leave comments.  And not just random "nice" comments, but comments that would let the crafter know and understand exactly why I liked their creation. 

However, there seems to be a problem.  Lately, there are a few blogs that I am unable to leave comments on!   I am unsure why and having difficulty fixing the problem in a way that works for me.  The most frustrating thing is that there are 2 lovely ladies that are so sweet, visit my blog regularly, and give me the nicest comments and I cannot comment on their blogs.  Linda and Lindsey - I just want you to know that I always check your blogs but I cannont leave a comment on them!  I keep checking to see if the problem is solved but not so far.  I decided to post this so you both would know how much I appreciate your comments and let you know that I would leave comments on your blog if I could. 

Yes, there are others who also leave me comments and I know are regular visitiors (I see you there Januita, Imke, Jessica, and some others) but I believe I can leave comments on your blogs.  I appreciate you guys too - don't get me wrong - I just want Linda and Lindsey to know that I would love to return the commenting favor if I could!!! 

Thanks eveyone for visiting.  And I understand if you can't comment or just don't feel able to for whatever reason!!  I still appreciate your support!!  Please continue to visit in any way that works for you and enjoy whatever inspiration you might get from my blog!

I have some great posts coming from my "jam all the scrap I can into a 12 x 12 container and use only that to create cards" experiment.  Make sure you check back - you won't want to miss it all!!



Susan Raihala said...

Donelda, I always look at your blog...just don't get to comment as often as I'd like!

Donelda said...

Susan, your blog is also one of those blogs that I look at almost every day but cannot post a comment!!! Sheesh! and you are always so inspiring!! Just so you know!!

Lindsey said...

Hi Donelda,
How weird that you can't leave a comment on my blog! What happens? I don't know if there's anything I can do on my end -- the only change I made (a month or so ago) was to disallow anonymous comments... but I doubt that's you! It's nice to know you've been visiting. :)

Linda Palmer said...

Hi Donelda! I know about the not being able to comment too. I read where Suzanne Dean said on some of the problem blogs you could post anonymously on the same blogs and it would work. You might try that on the ones that allow it. I appreciate that you still stop by. I hope your work load slows down soon as I miss you on our forums...have a great weekend. Can't wait to see what you did while camping.

Imke said...

Donelda, i know what you mean. I had the same problem with Linda´s Blog.

Maybe I have a solution. I´ve done it this way and it works:
If you log in, there is a little box where you can make a click to stayed log in. Do NOT click it. Then it works and i can leave comments.

I hope you understand what i mean-I wish my english would be better...

Hugs to you !!

Donelda said...

hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I fixed my commenting glitch. Imke's solution of unclicking the stay logged in button (also suggested by Susan R. in an email) worked!! Yeah! Now I can let everyone know how much I like thier creations!! Thanks everyone!!