Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busy Time of Year

Hi all,

I have been very irregular with posts these days.   I want to share that June is a busy time of year for us.  My son is in soccer, on a travelling team and I am the manager this year so that takes a lot of our time.  As well, he continues to be in guitar, another night!  And, there is the end of school year events, baking and cooking for various things and potlucks going on at his school and my work, etc.  As well, my son just celebrated his 12th birthday so with that comes some shopping, baking, visiting, etc.  And my husband's birthday is next week ... so more of the same.

On a bit of a different note, I want to clarify that I have been visiting your blogs on occasion, however, for some reason I can't seem to leave comments these days.  I have tried ... over and over and over!!!  I get to a sign in page for blogger, add the required info, but then the comment won't post and it sends me back to the blogger log in page again!!  So frustrating!  So, just know that I have been popping onto your blogs and enjoying them but just unable to tell you how much!!!

All in all I guess I just want to clarify why I've been so absent from here.  I will be back in full swing again, promise, but it might be another couple of weeks until we get settled around here!!   In the meantime, I will try to post on occasion.

Thanks for understanding

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Linda Palmer said...

This has happened to all of us. Everyone one that switched to Google Chrome has been able to start commenting again. It works great for me, is much faster than Internet Explorer and no problems with always having to restart computer to get things to work....