Monday, September 6, 2010

Faux Washi Tape (Japanese Tape)

So I am sure that you have all seen the amazing cards that all the "in" girls are making with Washi Tape or Japanese Tape. Well, I don't own any ..  yet!   I am hoping my local scrapbook store or Michael's get some in ...soon!!  I try really hard to not order anything on line ... too tempting to just push a button, doesn't feel like you are really spending any money and I can just imagine how much I will start to spend. 

Anyway ... the other day I found a few sites that were offering "digital" Japanese tape (  Now you are supposed to use it in Photoshop and the like .. but I am still working on figuring out all that kind of thing so I didn't use it quite the way you were supposed to.  Instead, I decided to print the "tapes" out onto vellum and then I cut/tore them out and adhered them onto my card.  Unfortunately, becuase it was vellum I got the wrong side down and it made the printer ink run a bit.  Sheesh!!  I'll have to be more careful next time. 

I also used this digital polka dot paper from Krystal Hartley's "Sky Falling" digital collection.  Look at me go!!  And I actually used the Tea for Two set (Papertrey Ink) which is only the 2nd time using it!!  Again, trying to use the products and stamps I have on hand!!

I think I will send this card off to my mom as she is a big "tea tottler"!!!  It would be a nice think of you card so she knows that is what I do!!

Well, have a great day!


Linda Palmer said...

Very Sweet card. Love the teapot. IS it PT?

Cynthia Schelzig,,,Cynnie said...

What a great trick with the vellum and printing on it...well not the ink mess for you of course,,,but the idea is fabulous...will try to give it a goooooo. thanks!