Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Make My Day!

My friend Chris game me this award a few days ago. It has taken me a few days to get it copied and loaded onto my blog. Thanks Chris you are such a sweetie!! Sending out "YOU MAKE MY DAY" wishes to some of my dearest friends!!!

I have also been tagged by Yanitza and Tickle Me Pink! I need to share 7 random/wierd things about myself and tag 7 people. Here goes: I never ate broccoli until I went to University, I have a small cowlick, I have unattached ear lobes, my baby fingers are both crooked, I know how to play the flute, I get cold burps, I reverse my b's and d's and p's when I am typing as well as when I am printing quickly!! There you have it, 7 weird facts about myself that you probably never knew.

I will be having a 4 day weekend which means lots of stamping time. Hopefully I can get some projects finished, photographed, and ready to post!! Thanks for visiting.


catt871 said...

You're welcome my friend!!!!! :)

Seleise said...

those are great weird facts, Donelda! I really enjoyed reading them!