Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25 - Design Basics Lesson #12

This is my 12th lesson in my own exploration of Design Basics. I am using a book called Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. It is an excellent book and I've learned a lot. If you are interested in the 11 previous lessons, you can check out the list on the right side bar!!
The next few lessons are about FLOW! Not a new concept but interesting to read about and really focus on when making cards and making scrapbook pages. In his book, Jim talks about how there is visual flow in a piece and that learning to see and create flow within a piece is important! Jim talks about obvious elements that create flow (e.g., arrows) but that there are other means of influencing the eye's exploarion od a design that is more subtle.
Today, the lesson is about DIRECTING THE EYE. Jim talks about the obvious importance to keep the eye within a layout vs. sending it off the edge.
Interstingly, Jim talks about those of us who have been exposed to "Western" languages which read left to right tend to strongly perceive visual direction from left to right as being forward and fast! Images that move from right to left is perceived as backward and slow. Very intersting.
Sorry for the simplicity of the cards today!! I had to whip them up really quick!!
On this first card, the fish is facing to the left.... according to Jim's lesson this makes the eye move off the edge of the card. And I agree!! When I look at this card, my eye doesn't easily go to the sentiment...I look at the fish and then move off the card to the left. Weird!!
Now, on this second card, everything is in the same place, except the little fish are facing the other direction - to the right! Just like Jim says, this totally makes me move my eyes to the right and on to the sentiment thus keeping it within the layout!! Weird :-) LOL
I know that for many of us who also scrapbook, this is a well known technique that we keep in mind. However, I've never really thought of applying it to card making! Cool!
Please be aware that this will be my first of 2 posts today. You see, tonight is the Papertrey Ink's BLOG HOP!! Yeah!! That means I will be posting my challege card(s) tonight for everyone to check out!! So I'll see you all again for my second post later tonight!!


Joyful said...

good to know!!!

Jukie said...

thanks for sharing...its so easy to make this kind of mistake but with a little fore thought you can make your card spectacular rather then a dud.

Yanitza Ramos said...

This was all sooo true... great lesson!

Seleise said...

this is so true. my eye went off the 1st card and into the 2nd card so will have to keep that in mind for future designs. Thanks, Donelda!