Monday, January 7, 2013

Hawaii Scrapbook - Day 1

Hello everyone!

(Edited - I realize that this ended up being the second day my Hawaii scrapbook published ... last week I see the wrong post went up .... sheesh!!  Sorry about that!)
This week I will be sharing my Hawaii scrapbook, or at least a few of the pages from it (I've picked the ones I like best)
Here is the book.  I bought it when I was in Hawaii.  It is cool ... but hard to photograph as the pages do not open up easily (you get to see my hand!)
And here are some of the pages.
(sorry for the glare ... hard to hold the book open and get a good shot!)
Handmade turtle embellishment.
The first page of a double page on snorkling.  Another homemade turtle embellishment .. see the glaze on his back?
The other side of the double layout talks about the monk seal that was on the beach sunning himself!
Back on Wednesday for a few more pages. 
Thanks for dropping in.


Linda Palmer said...

Looks like an exciting and fun trip. Love all the photos I've seen so far. Beautiful book.

Lindsey said...

You found possibly THE most perfect book for your scrapbook! Love the turtle embellishments.