Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teacher Gifts

Obviously I made these forever ago but I have just gotten around to posting this.
I made these books for all of the teachers at my son's school and the cards for all of the support staff (educational assistants, secretaries). The books are actaully a journal for the teachers to reflect back on their teaching career. I used Nichole's example HERE as a guide but changed the questions a bit (to make them more Canadian and more relevant). I bought the books at Michael's. They actually have some letters or something under the main image but I knew I'd cover that up with my own creativity!!
I don't normally go so "all out" with gifts at the end of the year but my son is leaving that school and moving on to the Middle School. So, I made one journal for every teacher and left a message on the first page thanking them for making our experience at their school so great. Same with the cards, I made one for all the support staff thanking them for their part. It is really a great school and we will certainly miss the postivie atmosphere they provided over the last 5 years!!
Well, gotta go make a card. Enjoy your day!!


Jessica G. said...

What an amazing teacher's gift, Donelda! I really like how the red apples pop on the kraft background -- very striking!!

Susan Raihala said...

Very sweet and clever!

Juanita said...

Fabulous gifts! How thoughtful of you to know all the teachers AND support staff. My mom knew my teachers and that was it. I am not at the place yet to know how involved I will be (guess I find out in September!)