Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Treats

Well, I don't have much of a project to share tonight. But I did want to share a few stories with you! This is a little 3x3 card that I made to give my son on Halloween. But there is a story behind it!! You see, I don't have many halloween stamps. In fact, the only ones I own are the 2 little stamps from Year Around Fun 2 - a tiny jack o'lantern and a tiny witch hat. I have been able to make a bunch of great things using those 2 little stamps like this ATC. But, since I don't really like Halloween and certainly don't send Halloween cards to anyone I've been pretty solid about NOT buying Halloween stamps (even though, I admit, there are some really cute Halloween stamps out there!). So, my son and I were at Michael's a few weeks ago. We walked past the $1.50 wood stamp bin, and I couldn't help myself so I started looking through to see if there was anything intersting. My son saw a few Halloween stamps and said "Mommy, you should buy some of those". When I explained that I didn't need any Halloween stamps because I wasn't planning to make any Haloween cards... his response was "Well, everyone else will be making them and you'll be sad you didn't buy these stamps!!" Can you believe that !! Can you say peer pressure .... or is that son pressure??!! Well, when he wasn't looking, I threw these 2 in my basket and made this card with them. My second story is about my husband. He is such a sweety!! He knows I love Whoppers and that I love to snack on chocolate when I stamp. When he saw these cool Halloween style Whoppers, he bought them and stuck them secretly in my crafting room. I found them there tonight... what a great surprise, what a great husband!! If you have any great Halloween projects, I'd love to see them. Post a link in a comment !! Have a great evening.

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